We Will Leave You Breathless With The 12 World’s Weirdest Animals


The Weirdest Animals: Scientists in charge of zoology estimated that there are more than 8 million living species of animals all over the world. Out of all these species, around 1 million have been classified and every year they discover thousands of new species. This means that there are more than 7 million creatures that we barely know. Among the most abundant groups we can find, by far, insects. ln a distant second place we have mollusks and arachnids. 

The Self-Cloning Lizard. The Weirdest Animals.

Weirdest animals

This kind of lizard lives in Vietnam. It isn’t ugly, it looks like a lizard, but the secret is that its ovules contain enough genetic material for reproduction. This system is called parthenogenesis, and that’s why this species of animals don’t have males.