You won’t believe the secret meaning of these logos!

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You won’t believe the secret meaning of these logos!

A logo is a graphic element that identifies a company. An image that as soon as we see it, makes us think about the brand. It isn’t left up to fate. It doesn’t matter how simple it looks, there’s a reason behind it. Nothing is randomly done.

The truth is we see logos every day, but we haven’t even paid attention to them. Suddenly, one day, we pay attention to the details and we wonder, what’s this? What does it mean?

How is it possible that I’ve never seen it before? Many times we think that is just the first letter of the name, or a simple rectangle…But you won’t believe the meaning that these 4 lines hide.

Continue reading to find out all the secrets behind these brands and their logos.

Logo 1: Airbnb

Resultado de imagen de Airbnb logo

Probably, you’ve seen this logo thousands of times and you never paid attention to it. Airbnb is a well known web page that people use to find accommodation is someone else’s house. Everything started with three inflatable mattresses in San Francisco. It was the place where the cofounders hosted their first guests.

The logo has a deep meaning. There are four elements: the head of a person, which represents the hosts. The location symbol, because you can use Airbnb all over the world. A heart that represents love and the letter A, the initial of the brand’s name. Many people think it’s just a paper clip, but would it make any sense? 

Speaking of traveling…check the next logo!


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