You won’t believe the secret meaning of these logos!


A logo is a graphic element that identifies a company. An image that as soon as we see it, makes us think about the brand. It isn’t left up to fate. It doesn’t matter how simple it looks, there’s a reason behind it. Nothing is randomly done.

The truth is we see logos every day, but we haven’t even paid attention to them. Suddenly, one day, we pay attention to the details and we wonder, what’s this? What does it mean?

How is it possible that I’ve never seen it before? Many times we think that is just the first letter of the name, or a simple rectangle…But you won’t believe the meaning that these 4 lines hide.

Continue reading to find out all the secrets behind these brands and their logos.

Logo 1: Airbnb

secret meaning logo

Probably, you’ve seen this logo thousands of times and you never paid attention to it. Airbnb is a well known web page that people use to find accommodation is someone else’s house. Everything started with three inflatable mattresses in San Francisco. It was the place where the cofounders hosted their first guests.

The logo has a deep meaning. There are four elements: the head of a person, which represents the hosts. The location symbol, because you can use Airbnb all over the world. A heart that represents love and the letter A, the initial of the brand’s name. Many people think it’s just a paper clip, but would it make any sense? 

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Logo 2: TripAdvisor

secret meaning logo

Although you don’t often travel, it’s very likely that you know this world-known brand. People use this webpage to compare hotel and restaurant prices. You can also see the user’s opinions and recommendations, so you can know the quality of these places.

The logo is an owl, but why? It’s an animal that symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. The green and red eyes represent the possibilities of choosing that their users have. Just as a traffic light, green means go and red means not to go.

Have you ever imagined the logo would have all these meanings?

Logo 3: National Geographic

secret meaning logo

This time, it’s all about this famous magazine and TV channel. National Geographic allows you to see and learn about nature from your sofa. The TV channel can be seen in 171 countries. The logo is a yellow rectangle. It’s simple but with a deep meaning.

The rectangle represents a door that opens to knowledge and that allows us to go to all these places where National Geographic takes us. Why is it yellow? The color represents the sun shining everywhere, the power and the energy.

Have you ever imagined that a simple rectangle could represent so many different things?

Undoubtedly, there are many opinions about the next logo.

Logo 4: Vodafone

secret meaning logo

This mobile phone company is present in a lot of people’s lives. The truth is, its logo causes confusion. At first sight, it’s difficult to understand what it means.

Many people think that represents earphones. But why would a mobile phone company use earphones? The logo is a quotation mark. Yup, you’ve read right. It means that their users can talk whenever they want and to whoever they want. It symbolizes a conversation.

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Logo 5: Haribo

secret meaning logo

It’s very likely that if you have a sweet tooth, you always have this German brand in mind. The gummy bears are iconic and they are all over the world. You might think that the word “Haribo” means bear in German. But this is far from being true.

The founder simply combined the first syllables of his name Hans (HA) Riegel (RI) and his hometown’s name Bonn (BO). He grew up in this town, and when he was a kid it was very common to see bears in fairs. This inspired him to do this gummy bear.

Speaking of food. This whetted our appetites. Check the next logo.

Logo 6: Subway

secret meaning logo

This famous fast food chain has a pretty recognizable logo with an interesting meaning that you don’t expect.

The arrows are there for a reason. It represents the exit and entrance of the subway. This way the company demonstrates that you can eat their sandwiches on the go like in the actual subway. The colors also hide something. Green stands for healthy and quality food, while yellow stands for joy, optimism and energy.

Logo 7: Toblerone

secret meaning logo

Is there something more iconic than these chocolate bars? When we tell you their secret, you won’t look at it in the same way. Watch it carefully. There’s something hidden in the mountain. Can you see it? Its logo represents the Matterhorn, located in Switzerland. Hidden in the mountain, there’s a bear. It represents the honey taste of the chocolate bar and the fact that it’s manufactured in “The city of bears”.

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Logo 8: Carrefour

secret meaning logo

This French supermarket chain has been part of our lives for a while now. Its logo might seem abstract, but not at all. There are two red and blue arrows with the emblematic colors of the brand. But…forget about the arrows for a second. Pay attention to the white color. Can you see it? Yup, it’s the letter C that stands for the company’s name.

You won’t ever look at it in the same way. Just as the next one.

Logo 9: Tour de France

secret meaning logo

This is considered the most important race in the world since 1903. It’s a multiple stage bicycle race held in France. The race has been held annually since its first edition except when it was stopped because of the two World Wars. Due to its importance, what we can see above is one of the more iconic logos in the sports world.

At first sight, it might seem just a cool typography. But there’s a secret behind it. There is a cyclist among the letters. The R is the body and the letters O and U represent the bike. Have you ever seen it before?

Logo 10: Hyundai

secret meaning logo

Hyundai is the biggest South Korean car manufacturer. Although it is a brand with more than 50 years in the market, the word Hyundai means modernity. Because of its fame, it’s very likely that you or someone close to you has one of their cars. And you don’t even know their secret.

You might think the logo stands for an H, the first letter of Hyundai. But there’s something else. The H represents two people shaking each other’s hands: the company and the clients. 

The fact that the H is tilted is not a random thing. They want to be distinguished from another car brand called Honda.

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