The Most Viral 20 Visual Challenges of the Year!

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The Most Viral 20 Visual Challenges of the Year!

Nowadays, one of the hobbies that we enjoy and share the most are visual challenges. But, what’s this? it’s a challenge in which you have to look for an animal, an object or even people in a photograph in which there are a lot of things that look the same. Sounds interesting, right?

These challenges became a great way to be entertained at the same time we exercise our brain. These riddles can drive us crazy. Once we solve it, we feel rewarded if we didn’t need to check the answers to find the solution. In the next posts we want to challenge you with 10 visual challenges to put you to the test. Would you dare? Let’s go!

Visual Challenges: Can you find the paper planes in this visual challenge?

Visual challenges

Another challenge that went viral on social media is this one. This challenge tests our visual and concentration limits. In this case we have to look for two paper planes among all the paper ships in a purple square. Do you think it’s easy?  Well, a lot of people who tried it, confessed that it was pretty difficult because the shapes are very similar. It is harder than what it might seem at first sight.


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