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The Best-Reviewed KN95 Mask On The Market—in stock and only $1.99 per unit!


Face coverings like masks and neck gaiters are an important weapon in the fight against the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19. For the past few months, N95 masks, preferred by the best hospitals and their staffs, have been the mask of choice for the general public … but they are not the only option,

Close behind in popularity is the KN95 mask, very effective and reliable for filtering out unwanted particles and germs—and, best of all, more affordable.

Where can you buy the most reliable KN95 masks at the best price? Read on.

KN95 Mask

KN95 masks in stock for as little as $1.99 a piece

As masking became a requirement in public places during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the high demand and priority given to medical workers made it challenging for the general public to acquire reliable medical-grade respirators like the N95 or KN95 mask.

WellBefore is a startup company with a mission to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) at an affordable price, both to the general public and to front-line essential workers.

WellBefore has KN95 masks in stock for as little as $1.99 a piece, with a minimum order quantity of as little as five units.

The company also sells disposable three-ply face masks for as little as $0.29 apiece with a minimum order quantity of ten units; and face shields for as little as $1.99 with a minimum order quantity of two units.

Best of all, WellBefore ships orders within 24 hours. No more waiting weeks to receive to receive critical PPE.

KN95 Mask: High quality, comfortable fit

KN95 Mask

Think about the way a baseball cap fits. If you can’t find a hat fitted to your specific head size, you probably need an adjustable hat. Face masks are no different. One of the greatest benefits of WellBefore KN95 masks is that they are adjustable.

They have rubber rings you can slide through the elastic ear loops until you find your desired fit. This feature takes the guesswork out of mask-buying. “The standard size fits the face of each member of my family, and we’re all different sizes.”

KN95 masks have a smooth texture, ensuring a comfortable, all-day-long fit for first responders. It also comes with a flexible nose pin for a tighter fit during high-intensity situations.

Highly Protective Masks

KN95 mask serves as a more effective barrier against respiratory droplets and is ideal for travelers who are subject to experiencing close encounters in airports and in airplanes.

KN95 masks have 5 strong layers of protection including 2 premium quality melt blown layers.

The best price on the market

KN95 Mask

The US Center for Desease Control (CDC) stipulates that everyone aged two years and older should wear a mask in public, or when they meet in person with anyone outside of their household. KN95 masks sold by WellBefore are a fantastic option to fulfill this recommendation—and they are ready to ship without delay.

You can order a 5-pack for $1.99 per unit at WellBefore.com.

While KN95 masks offer more protection to the wearer, the more affordable 3-ply mask is another viable option to meet CDC recommendations. WellBefore has 3-ply masks available for as little as $0.29 per unit when you buy 50 or more.

WellBefore also has face shields and hand sanitizer in stock.

Unboxing Video KN95 Mask

Customers Favorite Masks on Internet

Comsumers and front-line essential workers look for quality, protective rating, and accessibility when considering their options for PPE. WellBefore not only offers safety and quality, but also 3-7 day shipping anywhere in the country and numerous positive reviews.

Robert W: Best Mask We’ve Purchased! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Exceptional quality.   Fits both my wife and myself perfectly.  We’re both wearing a cloth mask over this KN95 mask to provide maximum protection as infections continue to climb.  I bought 2 packages (10 masks/package), and will buy more … especially since I’ve been handing them out to friends and family and encouraging them to purchase some for themselves.

Jessica: Best Mask I’ve Tried ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This mask is extremely comfortable, well made and looks great compared to other KN95 masks. The nose strip and foam have helped to keep my glasses from fogging, which in itself is amazing, but gives me a more secure feeling in knowing these masks conform to my face while still being breathable.

Eileen M.M: A Great Product & A Great Price ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

These lanyards are a great idea for holding my mask in place while eating outdoors.  It prevents my mask from getting fingerprints or dirt or particles on my mask (which I also bought from this site & are EXCELLENT)!  

Wellbefore promise to their customers that they will always be honest and transparent with what they sell, where it’s made, what certifications it has and if it’s the right product for them.

KN95 Mask, the best option!

KN95 Mask

Main advantages:

  1. KN95 masks have 5 strong layers of protection including 2 premium quality melt blown layers.

  2. Well Before´s KN95 mask is one of the highest rated masks in the market.

  3. Shipments between 3-7 days in their country, a very good customer service with numerous positive reviews on Google and competitive prices.

  4. WellBefore has 3-ply masks available for as little as $0.29 per unit when you buy 10 or more.

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