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The use or access to this page implicates consciousness and full acceptance of the legal warnings and conditions that are detailed in the following. The current conditions can be changed, among other things, for their improvement or the provision of modified aspects and services not initially offered or adaptation to legislative changes, without the need of prior notification to the user, the said conditions come into effect from the moment of their publication. If you do not accept the new conditions that are published, you should unsubscribe from the service. 

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Ecomm Movadgency SL. Spanish company with residence in Calle Dublin 1 28232 Las Rozas, Madrid. Commercial registration data: Commercial Register of Madrid, Volume 34270, Sheet 172, Inscription 1, Page  M-616515, is the incumbent of the service lespontaneous.com (henceforth lespontaneous.com), email: contacto@lespontaneous.com

Access to the website lespontaneous.com

To access the content and services of lespontaneous.com, you must be older than 14 years old or, in the case of the contrary, the required authorization of their parents or guardians. lespontaneous.com reserves the right to be able to contact you at any moment, in order to demonstrate that you are older than 14 years old or or, in the case of the contrary, in order to have you introduce the required authorization of their parents or guardians.

Use of Service

The access, use of the website and its contents grant the visitor the condition of user presuming the acceptance of the privacy policy and the condition of use, presuming that the user has read, understood and accepted the said conditions in their totality. 

The games and services are updated, adapted, amplified and modified constantly. Consequently, you only obtain the right of use in the game and in the service corresponding to the current version at that moment with Ecomm Movadgency SL not being able to guarantee its continuation in the future.

Ecomm Movadgency SL cannot always guarantee the performance of its services, especially for a due cause unconnected to Ecomm Movadgency SL, such as, for example: the failure of services, lapses in connection and other kinds of errors.

lespontaneous.com reserves the right to erase comments if they infringe on any regulation.

Rules and Responsibilities of the User

The publication or transmission of personal contact details through your publicly published information is prohibited, which includes but is not limited to telephone numbers, post addresses, email addresses, websites or full names. It is the responsibility of the user to maintain the security of the password of their account; if someone guesses the password or manages to seize it from you, it is your responsibility; nonetheless, if your account had a security email assigned, you can recover  your account, otherwise lespontaneous.com will not be able to help you recover. Ecomm Movadgency SL will never ask you for your passwords over the phone, through email, or by any other medium; it is not necessary for you to tell us your password at any time. It is prohibited to offend other users, such as threats or direct insults. Any attempt to obtain the passwords of other users, either deliberately deceiving or deliberately hacking other users, is prohibited. It is prohibited to take advantage of any mistake on the page; the first thing you must do upon finding one is report it to an administrator, or to lespontaneous.com. It is prohibited to make SPAM in the comments section. You must not make unauthorized or fraudulent use of the site and or its contents for illegal and forbidden purposes. You must not attempt to access, use or tamper with the data of the domain owner, third party providers or other users. You must not undermine or harm the reputation and good name of the company nor those of third parties that contribute or are mentioned in the services.