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I’m scared! My Worst nightmare and its meaning

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You go to bed and you are afraid of whatever happens at night. You wake up not knowing where you are. And the image you saw in your nightmare, is in front of you. With your eyes still closed, you have chills going down your back, as if a cold finger touched you. Don’t worry, it’s very common and it happens to everyone. Continue reading and you’ll find it out. 

Someone hurts you

Someone wants to hurt you and in the end they achieve their goal. This nightmare means that you feel weak or exposed. In these dreams you’ll be hurt, injured or abused somehow in your dreams. It will be as realistic as dreams can be. It usually represents a personality developing problem. If the aggressor tries to kill you, it could possibly mean that you haven’t expressed or processed some feelings.

nightmare Someone hurts you

My worst Nightmare: Losing someone I love

This is the translation of an excessive attachment to your love partner, to a friend or a relative. In your nightmares, this person normally disappears out of the sudden making you feel very upset. This means that you are dependent on them and that you have a lack of self-confidence. But this is not the worst nightmare you could have. There ‘s more.

nightmare Losing someone you love

Missing an event

Being late to a flight and seeing it taking off, several obstacles that stop you from going to an appointment or simply not going to an event is a very common nightmare. This is a signal of pessimism, incapacity and fear of disappointing people around you.

nightmare Missing an event

You drown 

It is likely that you feel a lack of air or that you are underwater. This nightmare has different meanings. It’s possible that you are stuck in the routine and you feel bad about it. It could also mean you are too involved in a situation that is too overwhelming for you.

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A dead person

This nightmare represents your struggle against emotions when you have to accept that someone passed away. It’s very common to see this person in the street that is in front of you and you can’t cross the road. When you finally do it, the person disappears. The explanation is simple: you miss this person.

nightmare  A dead person

You get lost

This nightmare means you are afraid you took the wrong decision or a wrong direction. You lost control and you don’t know what to do. You see yourself in a place you don’t know or in a labyrinth. Not only that, but you don’t know how you got there and how to go back home. It is a recurrent nightmare in children. 

nightmare You get lost

A messy house

This nightmare is interpreted as a warning. You get home and everything is a mess, everything is dirty and nothing is where it should be. This means you should take care more of yourself. And you should also take care of the perception others have of you and your personal satisfaction. It is a petition to look after yourself.

nightmare A messy house

You scream but you are silent

The meaning is almost obvious: you feel helplessness. You know something is wrong, you ask for help and you can’t. You open your mouth but you have no voice. It indicates you are under a lot of pressure and anxiety.

nightmare  You scream but you are silent

You see your own death

This nightmare can be very disturbing. But it is not what it seems, it isn’t telling you that you are leaving this world. It’s a sign that a phase of your life is about to come to an end. As you can see, some nightmares are not that bad.

nightmare  You see your own death

Being naked

It is an unpleasant feeling, because you try to hide and there’s nowhere to go. You are completely exposed. It means that you have self-esteem issues or that you are not integrated.

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A natural disaster

An earthquake, a fire or a flood means that you have a deep fear or a great unconscious anxiety. There’s a problem, and as the weather, you can’t control it. This could lead you to a nervous breakdown.

It is especially common when there’s a social problem in your environment.

nightmare natural disaster

Losing your teeth

This nightmare is very common. When you go to sleep, you see a tooth falling, and then one after the other and there’s nothing you can do about it. Did it happen to you? It’s disgusting! This is an evidence of insecurity, of being afraid of getting older and of people not accepting you because of your physical appearance. It also means that you are not comfortable with yourself.

nightmare teeth tooth

Being stuck

It’s also an unpleasant and unsettling nightmare. Either you could be in a room that little by little is getting filled with water or in a very narrow space without any exit. It happens on three specific occasions. When you feel oppressed because of your family, your economic situation or job problem and you can’t find a solution. It also happens to people who suffer from claustrophobia.

nightmare stuck

Falling into the abyss

Normally, if you dream about this, you will wake up all of a sudden. You will be very scared, since it’s a very realistic feeling. It means that something is not ok. It might mean that you are in a situation that you can’t control. Furthermore, it also happens at the beginning of a depression because there’s nothing solid to hold on to. If you fly or levitate and you have a good feeling about it, it could be an expression of sexual pleasure. Have you ever experienced these nightmares?

nightmare falling into the abyss

Someone or something is chasing after you

A monster, a big threatening animal or a dangerous person is chasing after you in a dark space. The both of you are running but in the end, it catches you. This means you are afraid of facing a person with a lot of authority: your father, your boss… You fear facing a problem that you need to solve. These are nightmares that you can also experience after any type of abuse. 

Nos cauchemars nous aideraient à affronter nos peurs

There’s a lot to be done when it comes to the interpretation of dreams and nightmares.

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