You won’t believe the secret meaning of these logos!

A logo is a graphic element that identifies a company. An image that as soon as we see it, makes us think about the brand. It isn’t left up to fate. It doesn’t matter how simple it looks, there’s a reason behind it. Nothing...

Top 20 Travel Locations for Autumn 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for travelers: shoulder season! Autumn (or Spring for the Southern Hemisphere) is one of the best times to visit some of the world’s most incredible places. The summer crowds are gone, and the leaves are falling...


Kiwi can help you lose weight (and other secret benefits)

The truth is that no fruit can make you lose those extra pounds by itself, some fruits, due to their almost miraculous properties, can help you take care of your weight. Kiwi is the king of fruits: it facilitates the elimination of liquids and...

This man turned a dumpster into a house and it looks amazing!

Nowadays, we live in a society in which our habitability patterns are defined. People live in well-equipped houses, and we take our waste materials to the dumpster. Where do people usually live? However, even though it’s hard to believe, some people try to change...