Can You Guess the Top 10 Songs from This Past Decade?

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Can You Guess the Top 10 Songs from This Past Decade?

It’s almost 2020! Get ready for some flashbacks. We’re looking at the #1 chart topping song from each year of the past decade. There are so many memorable ballads and party anthems, but do you know the top song of each year? The Billboards #1 Single from 2010 to 2019 might surprise you.

Who is your favorite artist from the past decade? Many pop stars from the 2000s fell into obscurity and new stars were born. We hope you enjoy reminiscing on these iconic songs. Before giving you the answer, we’ll reflect on the major artists and post a picture as a hint. We’ll countdown from the beginning of the decade to the current candidate for what will be the #1 hit of 2019.

2010 Hint: Alcoholic Lyric

There was a lot of competition between the greatest singles at the very beginning of the decade. 17 songs hit number one status, but there can only be one that held the spot for the longest amount of time. Was it Rihanna, The Black Eyed Peas or Eminem who took the top spot? Keep reading to find out!


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