Best and Worst Red Carpet Dresses

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Best and Worst Red Carpet Dresses

Celebrities intend for this groundbreaking experience thoroughly and while we all want to see who succeeds, many of us are as involved in what is the most recent fashion theme of celebrities. We just like the best and worse who is going to be The Oscar’s Red Carpet Dresses

Angelina Jolie

Red Carpet Dresses

This pale dress against the pale teint of Angelina Jolie was a fashion risk but it was a chance. The dress congratulates her character so much that she feels wonderful. While her face looks a little less impressed by her decision, for Angelina we think that was a victory.

Katy Perry

As Katy Perry continues to do, she began some uproar, this time with her choice of outfit. No one may claim that they have not influenced this outfit, no matter whether you enjoyed the look or hated it. She at the Oscars had more than anyone else the intention to question us with the way that women dressed for the Oscars. We would assume that her target was accomplished.

Michelle Williams’s

Vera Wang’s dress has turned into one of the most trendy moments of Michelle Williams’ saffron. The actress participated in his role in the Brokeback Mountain where the two were meeting with her then-boyfriend, late Heath Ledger.

Red Carpet Dresses: Susan Sarandon in 1996

Red Carpet Dresses

For Dead Man Walking, Sarandon won the 1996 Oscar, but won no “Best Dressed” awards for its brunette satin outfit.


As Zendaya’s Oscars debut in this glorious number of Vivienne Westwoods was briefly overshadowed when a fashion critic commented racially on her hair—the young starlet took the chance to stick up for herself and others who are on the brink.

Irina Shayk

Red Carpet Dresses

In her provocative and beautiful outfit, Irina Shayk was a hot subject. We question, was it too much while she left nothing to the imagination? What do you think? What do you believe? Regardless, we agree the dress is a winner.

Red Carpet Dresses: Kim Basinger in 1990

A white gown with one shoulder torn off and a bodice corseted arrived at the 1990 Academy Awards. The star the look seemed to be rather inconvenient.

Diane Keaton

Red Carpet Dresses

This 2004 issue isn’t a hat, but it’s also one of the worst Oscar equipment in the tapestry. As nominated for Best Actress in Something’s Gotta Give, Keaton wore this Ralph Lauren outfit, but many wondered if she was going back for Annie Hall days.

Charlize theron, 2004

Now it’s like girlie glam. When Gucci received her Best Actress Oscar in 2004, she awarded Charlize’s winning theme.

Whoopi Goldberg

Red Carpet Dresses

When she hosted the Oscars in 1993, the Sister Act actress was neon. Although the coat may have been a deep lard from without, Whoopi Goldberg did not miss the opportunity to open the jacket and to expose not only a neon green fit but also scandalously styled trousers.

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