The real story of a virgin woman who got pregnant


How many cases do you know of a virgin woman who got pregnant? The most well-known case happened two thousand years ago. Some of them still doubt this was a “miracle”. But this wasn’t the last time a miracle happened.

Lauren, pregnant and virgin at the age of 29 years old

a virgin woman who got pregnant

Lauren, since her teenage years, had integration issues in her class. One of the reasons could be she was living in a very small town and the possibilities of meeting new people were pretty low. 

One of the reasons why she would feel different was she didn’t develop as early as the other girls in her class. She saw how all the girls were growing up and developing while she still had the body of a child. The rest of the class made fun of her for this reason.

This is why, since she was very young, she realised how difficult it was for her to deal with other people. This included the possibility of having a partner and get pregnant. Luckily, her development problem was solved, after the doctors realised she had a lack of femenine hormones. Once she was medicated, Lauren finally got to see the change she always wanted. Do you want to know what didn’t change? Find it out in our next post.

I hate sexual relations but I am pregnant

a virgin woman who got pregnant

If you have ever felt disgusted by sexual relations, you might understand Lauren. She has a very traditional family, so it might seem that her problems are because she grew up in a religious family. But we know that not everyone who experiences a religious education ends up living a life according to the dogmas. 

The truth is, Lauren never felt religion was the reason behind her problems. In an interview published in VICE CA, she says she is curious, but at the moment of truth, she has mixed feelings. It might be because of human’s obsession with sexuality.

She has felt questioned by society on many occasions. Especially when she confessed she wanted to get pregnant. It feels like everyone who knows her doesn’t have any other thing to talk about. As if she was a weirdo against the flow. Do you want to know what was the mistake of the people who knew her?

You won’t get pregnant if you don’t get married

a virgin woman who got pregnant

We know that nowadays you don’t need to get married to get pregnant. You probably know a lot of single moms. Although in this case there was a sexual relation. The reason for these pregnancies was being careless, or not using protection or allowing yourself to be carried away by passion for a couple of minutes.

Obviously, the previous things are not a problem for Lauren. She was said several times that if she didn’t get married she couldn’t have kids. Currently, this young girl confessed she feels progressive and she doesn’t feel identified with these religious ideals. She wants to get pregnant without getting married. It could have been easier for her if she had accepted a kiss as something precious. Why didn’t she accept it?

Kissing someone, “ I don’t feel like doing it again”

a virgin woman who got pregnant

On some occasions, Lauren was kissed. She even says she had a boyfriend in her teenage years. But nothing worked out for her. When she was asked if she ever kissed someone, she said yes, but at the same time she affirmed she wouldn’t do it again.

While for the most part of us, our first kiss was something special, Lauren doesn’t even want to talk about it. In fact, she wouldn’t like to repeat it again. She doesn’t even want to know anything about cinema dates or things like that. Do you want to know what kind of dates she would like to have? Continue reading.

She doesn’t want to see someone to go to the cinema, but for trying sex

a virgin woman who got pregnant

It could sound contradictory. Only a few would understand it. Even though she said she hates sex, she also feels curious about it. But she thinks that at the slightest possibility that it actually happens, she wouldn’t do it.

The only thing that she wants is not to feel pressured. She would like to try oral sex if someone ever suggests it to her. The other person could feel a little surprised, especially if she refuses to do it because she changed her mind in the end. This is what normally happens to her. This is why she could only have a partner that is a long time friend. Do you want to know if she got pregnant after trying blind dates?

No blind dates, please

a virgin woman who got pregnant

Before getting pregnant, she tried different dating websites. But sadly, she realised that the only thing people wanted from her, was sex. So she stopped using these web pages.

Forced and planned dates, trying to have a conversation with a stranger, it wasn’t the most encouraging thing for her. And she hated to make an effort so people would like her.

Not even with her first and last boyfriend during high school. So, it is better to be alone than in bad company. But pregnant. How did it happen?

Her pregnancy was like a miracle, but science helped. 

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Due to the hormones problem she suffered as a kid, her endocrine told her she couldn’t get pregnant. However, Lauren decided to go to a Fertility Clinic, even though she had low expectations about it.

When she forgot she was on the waiting list, after a year she received a call. She had an appointment with the doctor, she was hopeless, but he told her that she could get pregnant. Nowadays, Lauren is a young virgin girl expecting a baby. Do you want to know what she thinks now about sex?

What happened to sex?

a virgin woman who got pregnant

A journalist asked her what she thought about sex after she got pregnant. Lauren confessed she tried to masturbate, but nothing had changed for her and she didn’t like it.

Maybe she could struggle to have a conventional love story, but at least she knows what she wants. She doesn’t follow traditional religion ideals. Nowadays, she affirms she doesn’t give a damn about the ones who criticized her.

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