25 Very Impressive Photos of Abandoned Places

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25 Very Impressive Photos of Abandoned Places

There could be so many reasons why these abandoned places ended up like that. On many occasions, unfortunate facts, crimes or natural disasters took place.

These places, once you are there, can inspire many feelings. And you’ll have the opportunity of taking amazing pictures, but they are normally invaded by nature. There’s a different story behind each place. A story that let us know how everything started, what did they used to look like and why they are abandoned. These places are now very popular and visited among tourists. This kind of tourism is called dark or black tourism. A common denominator to all of them is the word mystery. Do you dare to continue reading?

Abandoned places: Giersdorf Church, Poland

abandoned places

You can still see the green and red ceilings of this temple. It was abandoned after a bombing during the Second World War.


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